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Steps to Take After Being in a Car Accident

November 22, 2016

Car Accident AttorneyIt is impossible to foresee a car accident. In the moment, with emotions running high, the uncertainty and danger can leave you disoriented. Knowing ahead of time what to do in the event of an accident can help you be calm and in control.

Determine the Situation

Is everyone in the car OK? If someone is injured, do not move them. Is your car in danger from traffic? If so, immediately remove yourself to a safe area.

Stop Safely

Even if it seems like a minor accident, do not leave the scene. If you’re still driving, find a safe place to pull over.

Obtain Information

Talk to the other driver and exchange information, particularly names and insurance information. If you have a camera handy, take pictures of the damage.

Inform the Right People

Let your insurance company know as soon as possible. In case of severe damage, call the police and file a report. Be open and honest as you cooperate with all parties. Make sure to contact a lawyer in case any charges against you come up.

Car accidents can be scary, but by knowing these steps you can be in control and handle the situation smoothly. Call Earnshaw & Cownie Law Firm PC at (816) 246-4429 for more information on the steps to take after being in a car accident.

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