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Dealing With Child Custody Laws in Missouri

May 12, 2016

For married couples with children, divorce can be a complicated process that affects the entire family. When it comes to custody laws in Missouri, there are a few things you should know before you file any paperwork.

What Can Influence a Custody Decision?

In most states, custody arrangements are made according to the best interests of the child. You may even be asked to propose a plan that will demonstrate your intentions as a parent. However, each case varies considerably depending on the circumstances. Obviously, a previous history of neglect could make one parent more favorable than the other. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy to determine which parent should receive custody, especially if you have trouble getting along with your spouse.

Understanding Custody Arrangements

After weighing each aspect of your case, the court will make a decision that is deemed fair. In Missouri, the five basic types of custody agreements include:

  • Joint custody (physical and legal)
  • Sole custody
  • Joint physical custody with one parent retaining sole legal custody
  • Joint legal custody with one parent retaining sole physical custody
  • Approved custody for third-party individuals

Once an arrangement has been made, you will feel much more secure about the safety and well-being of your child. Contact the expert child custody lawyers at Earnshaw & Cownie Law Firm PC for assistance with your case today.

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